Jonathan Hurley

Guitarist Composer


When looking at the musical career of Jonathan Hurley, the term diversity doesn’t seem to encapsulate the many avenues taken by the jazz-fusion guitarist. To Hurley the appealing thought central to jazz is the inclusion of different voices communicating with the same language. This can been heard on Hurley’s numerous recordings.

Finding the balance between technique and passion, Hurley continues to progress as a musician, adding more to his musical vocabulary while retaining his own voice. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, he has performed in numerous nationally touring country acts out of Nashville, been the musical director for the nationally/internationally touring musical production of “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn”, performed in “Streetmosphere” the Italian opera-based musical at the Venetian Macau in Macau, China and been the front-person of the touring gypsy jazz group Occidental Gypsy.

In Los Angeles, Hurley formed the comedy-musical group “Einstein McCrankypants,” which produced the award-winning music video “That Doesn’t Make Sense”. The video was eventually involved in a free speech civil rights case for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Every new genre, technique and musical experience Hurley has been exposed to in his career has informed his unique style of jazz-fusion music. In recent years, the continued study of gypsy jazz has influenced his compositions and improvisations, already potent with Asian and American country influences.

In 2015, he and violinist Sally Martin formed the Laurel Street Duo, which performs diverse classical music written for their unique instrumentation from composers such as Paganini and Piazzolla. He has been teaching students at a high level for over 15 years.